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Plan2Prosper Small Business Academy

Plan2Prosper Small Business Academy

Hosted by: Eulica Kimber, CPA

Authentic conversations with savvy entrepreneurs on real life issues impacting the prosperity of your business and the enrichment of your personal and family life. We tackle a wide range of issues from mental health...

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Janiel Youngblood - Let's Talk Church Business | 007

Janiel Youngblood, CPA opened her consulting firm, Janiel Youngblood & Associates, LLC, and serves as a “Financial Lighthouse” guiding church leaders toward greater financial stewardship. She partners with...
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Kellan Fluckiger - Authentic Coaching, Healed to Help Others | 006

Kellan Fluckiger is a business coach who does NOT look for clients! He simply looks for people to love, opportunities to serve, and problems to solve. In short, he has been healed to help others. And shares his story...
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Tammy Johnston - Kicks Butts & Holds Hands | 005

Tammy Johnston is the “Hold Your Hand and Kick Your Ass” Business Coach and has been working with Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners for over 20 years to help them build sustainable and successful...
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Tammy Edwards - The Candy Lady Needs An Accounting System | 004

The Candy Lady needs an accounting system! Part 1  Tammy, The Candy Lady, who created her business after doing it as a hobby. Her business has grown from doing small sweets buffets, to creating and designing gift...
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Helen Ryan - Chocolate, Weight Loss & Business | 003

Helen Ryan is a chocolate lover who lost 80 lbs & kept it off. Today she talks about her life as a Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Digital nomad!! Today we talk about her journey and its impact on her life and...
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Girl, Get Your Mind Right: The Growth Mindset | 002

In this episode, I am reading the chapter, Girl, Get Your Mind Right (pp 67-75), that I wrote for Sharvette Mitchell's book compilation entitled Pour: The Secret Effects of Giving and Serving in Business &...
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Hello! Welcome to the Academy | 001

Thanks for listening!  Mentions: Book mentions - Little Bets by Peter Sims  I want to share with you my most popular download, 10 Things Your Accountant Wishes You Knew.  Get it here→    Let's...
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