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You MUST Reclaim Your Time!

In August 2017, Congresswoman Maxine Waters made a statement during a congressional hearing that ignited a fire in me! During an exchange with the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, Congresswoman Waters was irritated that her questions were not being answer during her limited time allotted to her.  Every time Secretary Mnuchin tried to equivocate or give accolades instead of answer the question; the Auntie Maxine responded with the proclamation of “Reclaiming My Time!”

During the same period of time I’d also been reading a book entitled, “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office:101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers  by Dr. Lois Frankel.  This books describe the many ways that we as women act like like mothers, sisters, friends and even maids within workplace without even realizing it.  I am guilty of several of the habits listed to include being direct about what I want.

So why should we reclaim our time?

  1. Our time is limited.  We cannot allow people to disrespect our time by distracting from activities that add value to our lives. We owe our undivided attention to the task as hand. So random phone calls and drop in visits are respectful of the limited time you have.  Organization of our schedules should include appropriate time for work, family and self-care. Cheating any of these areas puts you at a disadvantage and wastes time that cannot be regained. I
  2. Time is money and we should not give the knowledge and skills that has taken years to develop for free. Women in business and more likely to discount or give away our services than men.  Make sure you have a well thought out price schedule for your services. If you need help setting prices seek the help of a business coach or accounting professional. Your professional time should be used to produce income to support your life and take care of your family. This leads me to my next point.
  3. Time must be focused. You cannot do everything well.  I don’t understand business owners who want to do everything.  They sell makeup and real estate while running and day care and lawn service. I work with many frustrated business owners who have multiple mediocre businesses because they never give proper attention and time to any one or two business. Focus one or two related business will until you have a proven model to build on. Take a class to build on that knowledge and seek a mentor who works in that same field.  Learn about your company financials and learn who your customers really are and what keeps them up at night. This is where your money is found. But if you jump from project to project you will never see the level of success you deserve.
  4. Respect the time of others. In the spirit of sowing and reaping, we must also respect the time of our clients, co-workers, employers, family and friends. This means being organized enough to only make promises that we can realistically keep and to give our undivided attention to each when we are with them.  It is rude to be checking your phone during our business call or while talking to your spouse. (Confession: I’m working to improve here).
  5. You must be prepared to handle time wasters. Just as Auntie Maxine handled her time waster, we have to directly yet professionally handle the time zappers in our live.  You may have to use an appointment app on your website, set office hours and block of time for yourself and family. You may even have to turn away clients.  I have a “no needy clients” policy in which I give myself permission to graciously turn down or fire clients who zap too much time because they are wishy washy, disorganized or just nutty clients who can never get it together.  Never be afraid to walk away from “crazy money.” There are several clients who will take their place and will give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment as you meet their needs.

So, I have declared this chapter of my life as “Reclaiming My Time!”  I am clearing my space and calendar to make time for clients and people in general who bring respect my time.

 And, I challenge you to RECLAIM YOUR TIME!


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